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Read the box, then form adjectives from the words below. Check in your dictionary. Use them in sentences of your own.
Прочитай текст в рамке. Образуй прилагательные из данных слов. Проверь в словаре. Придумай с ними свои предложения.

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1. enjoyable - разный
2. different - отличаться
3. believable - вероятный, возможный
4. insistent - настаивающий
5. considerable - значительный
6. sensible - благоразумный

1. We had a very enjoyable day at school today.
I had enjoyable time during my summer holidays.
2. There are many different TV programmes on national TV.
This car is different from any another vehicle in the market.
3. Her amazing story seems believable.
I don’t like him, but his theory' is quite believable.
4. He was very insistent.
It is hard to argue with her, she is so insistent.
5. This event in the life of our country is very considerable.
Considerable amount of money was c&feitpd during charitable event.
6. Michael is a very sensible boy.
I am trying to persuade you to be more sensible.
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