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а) Choose the best headline for the article.
Выбери лучшее название для статьи.
b) Which things about these students impressed you? Explain the words in bold.
Что об этих студентах впечатлил вас? Объясните слова, выделенные жирным шрифтом.

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а) Mayor honours teens for green work.

came up with (phr v): got an idea
award (n): prize
members (n): people who are part of a club or a team
word soon got around (exp): people heard about it quickly afterwards
asking for (exp): request
took part (phr v): did sth in a group
pollution (n): anything that makes the earth dirty
conservation (n): the act of keeping things in good condition
stray (adj): without a home
mayor (n): the leader of a town
ceremony (n): a formal event
proud (adv): happy about sth you did or what someone did
grown up (adj): adult
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