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Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use

designing, artistic, still, portrays, starring, stunt, anonymous, private, set, miniature, plot, spray

1. If you are not a professional … man, don’t even try to perform it. It is dangerous!

2. Since childhood he was keen on … sculptures.

3. The painting … a lot of primary school children with their teacher walking in the garden on a nice spring day.

4. She expresses her … creativity through drawing and painting everywhere.

5. I have read the book recently but the … hasn’t made any strong impression on me.

6. Bedtime stories is a brilliant comedy … Adam Sandler.

7. … property is protected by the law.

8. The novel is … in London in the 1960s.

9. A number of architectural students are … a building of a new museum.

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