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1 9 form

1 Fill in: place, parade, final, display, won, throwing, raise, change, life, pull.

Who … the game?
We are watching a street … this moment.
Victory Day takes … on 9th May.
They usually have a fireworks … on this day.
The Maslenitsa Festival is about saying a … goodbye to winter.
Children worked hard to … money for charity.
The spectaculars were waving and … streamers.
All the children like to … crackers at Christmas.
At La Tomatina you need a spare … of clothes.
Here you can experience …as a pirate.
2 Complete the sentences with the correct present forms of the verbs in brackets.
1 Mark is tired. He …(work) since morning.

2 We …(not/believe) in ghosts.

3 The meeting …(start) at 9 am so let’s hurry.

4 They …(not/ see) a firework s display before.

5 These flowers … (smell) nice and sweet.

3 Fill the gaps with past/present participles formed from words in bold.

1 Everyone liked the party. It wasn’t … (bore).

2 It would be so …(excite) to visit Paris.

3 That smell is really…(annoy).

4 No one was …(thrill). The party wasn’t a success.

5 She always feels …(surprise) at how fast The New Year comes around each year.

4 Complete the sentences with the correct relative.

1 May 1st,… The May Festival takes place, is his birthday.

2 Nick,… favourite food is sandwiches, really likes picnics.

3 Moscow,… lots of events are held every year, is the capital of Russia.

4 Tom, … lives in the flat bellow, is a waiter.

5 They like holidays … last for a few days.

5 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1 I’m afraid… snakes.

2 My sister interested … learning foreign languages.

3 The hall was crowded ... people.

4 Do you believe … superstitions?

5 Children can’t wait …Christmas to come.

Answers: 1 won throwing 2 has been working 3 boring 4 when 5 of

parade pull do not believe exciting whose in

place change starts annoying where with

display life have not seen thrilled who in

final smell surprised which for


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