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Fill in the correct phrase.
•all-star •potter’s wheel •model making •action-packed •special effects •box office
1. The movie is filled with __________________________ and stunts.
2. The ________________________ success Mama Mia made over 69 million pounds in the UK alone.
3. You'll need a ________________________, a kiln for drying your ceramics and of course some clay.
4. Rick loves _________________________ films, as they are full of excitement and adventure scenes.
5. A (an) ____________________cast usually features a number of A-list actors and actresses in both
leading and supporting roles.
6. Steve made a fantastic replica of an ancient ship in ________________________ class.
2. Fill in the correct word. There are three words you do not need to use.
•anonymous •private •set •miniature •plot •designing •artistic •still •portray •starring
•spray •stunts
7. Morgan Freeman became popular after ________________ in Driving Miss Daisy.
8. Most of his paintings _______________ scenes from the town where he grew up.
9. You can't park here - it’s ________________ property!
10. Children often express their ________________ creativity through finger painting and drawing. 11. The novel’s ________________ is predictable and unimaginative.
12. No one knows the author’s name, as he chooses to remain ____________________. 13. The movie is _______________ in wartime England.
14. Children find it difficult to stay _______________ for very long.
15. The actor performed all the _______________ himself.
3. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the words in brackets.
16. Sue’s grades are getting _____________ (good) and _____________ (good) all the time.
17. That’s ________________ (bad) film I’ve ever seen; the characters were shallow and the ending was dull and predictable.
18. The journey was as ___________________ (comfortable) as the previous one.
19. Let me know if you hear any ___________________ (far) news
20. John can’t paint very well. He is ____________________________ (talented) pupil in the art class.
21. Mark paints much _______________________ (slowly) than Nick, but the colours in his landscapes are much brighter.
22. Which of Mozart’s compositions do you think is _________________________ (famous)?

23. The _____________ (much) Anne practiced, the _______________ (easy) it became for her to paint portraits.
4. Choose the correct answer. (would sooner, would prefer, would rather, completely, extremely, totally, fairly, absolutely, rather, prefer, slightly, very)
24. The theatre was ____ empty, as they had cancelled Monday night’s performance.
25. The suitcase was _____ full - Annabel couldn’t stuff another thing into it. 26. Harry ______ to go skiing than walk in the park.
27. Sam ______ going to the cinema on a weekday, when it’s not so crowded. 28. Jane was ____ puzzled by his rude behaviour.
29. We _____ go to a classical music concert than go to a rock concert. 30. The Shard is a _____ famous building in London.
31. Tim ______ quit his job than talk to his boss again.
32. We left in the middle of the film because it was ___ slow-paced. 33. It’s _______ impossible to book this hotel in summer.
5. Read the text and answer the questions that follow.
A The Class
The Class is about a young teacher who works at a school in a poor area of Paris and his difficult students. The story was originally a book written by Frangois Begaudeau. The film tells the sad story of how a teacher tries to teach his class of teenage students but fails, because the students don't respect education or teachers, and because they have no desire to learn. Everyone who stars in the film (including Begaudeau, who plays himself) is a non-professional. People expect The Class to be boring because the teacher-student theme has appeared in films many times before, but it isn't. It is an absolutely brilliant film and no one should miss it.
B Slumdog Millionaire
Director Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire is the story of Jamal, a poor boy in India, who goes on the TV show 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'. The story was originally a prize-winning novel by Indian author Vikas Swarup. Jamal wins the TV show. But before he does, they take him to a police station because the police think that he is cheating. While the police ask Jamal questions, we see events from Jamal's life which explain why he knows the answers.
At one point, the creators of Slumdog Millionaire had decided not to show it in film theatres, and just make it into a DVD. Luckily they changed their minds, because this film is now an international hit!
C American Teen
American Teen is a documentary film by director Nanette Burstein. Burnstein filmed the lives of five teenagers, who go to a school in Indiana, USA. She followed the students filming their everyday lives for a year, because she wanted to show what it is like to be a teenager in America today.
American Teen is an enjoyable documentary, but sometimes it doesn't feel true to life. In fact, some film critics think that Burstein gave the teens lines to learn. But in interviews, the teenagers have always said that the film is 100% real-life and no one is acting.
Whether real-life or not, American Teen is an entertaining look at young people today.
Which film (A, B, or C) ...
34. was first a very successful book? ______

35. is about daily life experiences? ______
36. is interesting even though the plot is not original? ______ 37. was not going to play in cinemas at first? ______
38. is extremely popular all over the world? ______
39. is about someone trying but not succeeding? ______
40. does not seem realistic to some people? ______

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