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Модуль 8:"На досуге"
1. Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.
Whizzed, knock, entrants, technical, opposing, spectator, addicted, originated, physical, bizarre, inflatable, enthusiasm, bounce
1. You need lots of … equipment to go scuba diving.
2. The players weren’t very good, but they were full of … .
3. Rock climbing is a very … activity.
4. Football is a very popular … sport.
5. I think zorbing is a … activity.
6. Underwater hockey … in Britain where it was invented by a diving club.
7. There were around 50,000 … and I came 100th, so I was proud.
8. The boys spent the afternoon in the pool playing with their … ball.
9. Ben … down the hill on his snowboard.
10. The … team scored three goals in thirty minutes and won the match.

2. Complete the sentences using the Conditional (Type 0,1,2 or 3).
1. If I had known it was a secret, I … (not/tell) anyone.
2. If I were you, I … (stop) smoking.
3. If you put water in the freezer, it … (become) ice.
4. If they play well, they … (win) the match.
5. If I … (earn) more money, I would buy my parents a really big house!
6. Water … (boil) if you heat it to 100 C.
7. We … (go) to the park if it hadn’t rained.
8. If you invite Mike, I … ( not/come) with you.
9. If I had more time, I … ( take) karate lessons.
10. If you … ( not/water) the plants, they die.

3. Match to form compound adjectives
1.old a. looking
2.kind b. built
3. good c. hearted
4. open d. minded
5. newly e. fashioned

4. Fill in the correct word
1. I am totally … favour of contact sports.
2. These golf clubs are … excellent condition.
3. Are there bikes … hire in this city?
4. Andriy Shevchenko fit to play Manchester Rivals … the title!

5. Fill in: to, up, off, after.
1. Take ____your jacket and put it in the washing machine.
2. Clara is very smart. I think she takes ____ her dad.
3. My new hobby takes ____ most of my free time.
4. Since you have so much time, why do not you take ____ football.

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