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F Read the text and mark the sentences T (True), F (False) or Ns (Not stated).

Hanami: a Flowering Celebration!

The beginning ofspring (March- April) is a very special time in Japan, because this is when Japan's famous cherry mees come into flower. The Japanese celebrate this happytime with festivals and flower-viewing parties.

At the end of winter, everyone's excitement starts to grow. The whole country wants to

know the exact day when the cherry flowers ('sakura will appear. Starting in February, weathermen try to guess when this day will be.

When the first flowers open on the trees, national joy breaks out! There are rides and

games for children in the street, music and dance performances, tea centmonies, flower displays, and much more. But the most special thing that people do at this time is have hanami' parties. Hanami means flower watching. In hanami parties, families and friends take a picnic and go and sit under a cherry tree to look at and admire the flowers. Hanam! parties take place during the daytime and also at night, because when it is dark, lights light up the cherry trees.

Hanami is very important to the Japanese. Cherry blossoms ofpear on trees for only

one week before they fall to the ground and die, and for the Japanese thes symbollses the short nature of childhood and life. So hanami is a time when Japanese people like to think about how important life is.

I Spring is the Japanese people's favourite time of year. 2 It is not easy to know the day the cherry flowers will open. 3 Hanami takes place a week after the cherry trees blossom. 4 The cherry flowers do not stay on the trees for very long 5 When the cherry flowers appear, people hope for long lives.

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