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№ 45. When you______my brother, you______him.
а. see, won't recognize
б. '11 see, don't recognize
в. '11 see, won't recognize
г. saw, recognize
№ 46. If it rains, we______at home.
а. stay
б. would have stayed
в. would stay
г. shall stay
№ 47. If you do not work, you______holidays next week.
а. do not have
б. would not have
в. will not have
г. would not have had
№ 48. If you______anything, ask me.
а. would have need
б. would need
в. will need
г. need
№ 49. If we are leaving soon, I______my coat.
а. would have got
б. would get
в. get
г. will get
№ 50. Eat less or you_____fat.
а. would get
б. will get
в. get
г. would have got
№ 51. The old teacher advised me to speak slowly if I______them to understand me.
а. want
б. wanted
в. had wanted
г. would want
№ 52. The Navy officials said that the dolphins______in salt water holding tanks.
а. are kept
б. will kept
в. will be kept
г. would be kept
№ 53. If I lost my job, I______abroad for a while.
а. would have gone
б. will go
в. might go
г. would go
№ 54. If I lose my job, I______life very difficult.
а. would find
б. find
в. will find
г. would have found
№ 55. If he were careful, he______things.
а. will not break
б. would not have broken
в. did not break
г. would not break

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45 a
46 г
47 в
48 г
50 б
52 г
53 г
54 в
55 г
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№45. в
№46. в
№47. в
№48. г
№49. б
№50. б
№51. а
№52. а
№53. г
№54. а
№55. б

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