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Portfolio: Which of these teenagers do you find interesting? Why? Write a short e-mail to your English penfriend about him/her. In your e-mail write: name of person; country he/she is from; what he/she does; character qualities; why you find him/her interesting.
Портфолио: Какого из этих подростков вы находите интересным? Почему? Напишите краткое электронное письмо на английском языке о нем / ней. В вашей электронной почты напишите: имя человека; страну, из которой он / она; что он / она делает; характер, качества; почему вы его / ее находите интересным.

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Hi Samantha,
Thanks for your e-mail. I’m glad you are well.
Do you know who Chase Austin is? He is an American teenager who I find really interesting.
His hobby is car racing and he drove in his first race when he was only 8 years old.
I like him because he is not afraid to work hard to get what he wants.
Write soon and tell me about someone who you admire.
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