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Complete the table.Shere the results with your partner.Do you have something in common?See Ex. 48,p. 76 in Student`s Book.
Things I must do this week.(They are important and urgent.)
Things I should do this week.(They are important but not very urgent.)
Things I needn`t do this week.(Because of some circumstances these things are either not very important or urgent.)
Things I shouldn`t do this week.
Things I mustn`t do this week.

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Первый столбик:
1.i must eat
2.i must go toschool
3.I must do my homework
4.i must be careful on the road

второй столбик.
1I should go for a walk
2.i should eat properly
3.i should be friendly with people
4.I should breden my mind

третий столбик.
1.I needn't do my last homework
2.i needn't do my housework,that i've already done
3.i needn't go where i was last week
4.i needn't do somebodys' work
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