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I. Complete the sentences using the correct alternatives

1. There is _______computer in my study
a) a b) the c) -
2. In our city there are ___________new streets
a)a b) the c) -
Monday is _______day of the week.
a)the most busier b) the busiest c) busiest
3. Mary is ____________than Jane.
a)pleasanter b) more pleasanter c) more pleasant
4. How old __________your brother?
a)am b) is c) are
5. My friend ___________tennis last night.
a) play b) played c) was playing
6. Sam ________to the party next week.
a) comes b)will come c) shall come
7. Pete _______skate.
a)can b)must c) may
8. She takes ________pencil.
a) her b) she c)hers
9. This shop sells the _______ clothes
a)women b) women’s c) womens
10. Make Plural form:
Potato, foot, baby, tube.
11. Write down your contact details there and I ___ you a brochure.
a) send b) will send c) am sending
12. A lot of changes ___ place recently since he arrived.
a) take b) have taken c) took
13. The boy appeared with a railway time-table in his hand. “The next train____ in twenty minutes.”
a) will leave b) is leaving c) leaves
14. She said she ___ him since he was in his first year at the university.
a) hadn’t seen b) didn’t see c) hasn’t seen
15. I ___ up when you come with my things.
a) shall be cleaning b) clean c) am cleaning
16. It was cold and dark in the small room because it ___ for five days.
a) rained b) was raining c) had been raining
17. I wish I ___ him at home.
a) find b) will find c) had found
18. Our plan ___ by the members of the committee now.
a) considers b) is being considered c) is considered
19. When the manager arrived, the problem ___ .
a) had already been solved b) had already solved c) had solved
20. A new book ___ by that company next year.
a) will publish b) will be published c) is publishing
21. We went to the back of the house and he tried another door. “Everything ___ up,” he said.
a) is shut b) is shutted c) was shut
22. I admire your mother’s look. She ___ a lovely girl.
a) must be b) must have been c) must had been
23. There was little hope of his ___ soon.
a) to recover b) recover c) recovering
24. He entered the room ___.
a) smiled b) smiling с) be smiling
25. ___ our things in the cloakroom we hurried to the hall.
a) having leaving b) having left c) left
26. Don’t interrupt him when he is working. He hates ___ .
a) to disturb b) to be disturbing c) to be disturbed
27. We expect the Irish delegation ___ tomorrow.
a) to leave b) to be leaving c) to have left
28. We can’t help ___ knowledgeable and industrious people.
a) to admire b) being admired c) admiring
29. ___ of us were sure of the facts.
a) none b) a one с) no
30. He wants ___ more pudding. You can take it away.
a) some b) any c) no
31. Brown’s old car is much better than our new ___.
a) the one b) some c) one
32. He shouted her name twice, ___ time banging his fist on the table.
a) every b) all c) each
33. By that time ___ his sisters had got married.
a) both b) neither c) either
34. Nowadays he was very busy and he saw ___ of his friends.
a) little b) few с) much
35. At the bar ___ men were discussing the coming elections.
a) a little b) few с) a few
36. My sister spends so ___ money on her clothes that she has none left for holidays.
a) much b) many c) little
37. An airship is an aircraft ___ looks like a big balloon.
a) who b) which c) what
38. The Titanic hit an iceberg. That’s ___ it sank.
a) why b) where c) which
39. He is the man ___ car I noticed in the square.
a) whose b) whom c) which
40. He telephoned me ___ the theatre tickets.
a) to remember me b) not to forget me c) to remind me of
II. Make the sentences negative:
41. He works at the university.
a) He works not at the university. b) He do not works at the university. c) He doesn’t work at the university.
42. Alex liked his profession
a) Alex not liked his profession b) Alex don’t liked his profession c) Alex didn’t like his profession
III. Make questions for the sentences:
43. Sandra lives in Colorado.
a) Do Sandra lives in Chicago? b) Does Sandra live in Colorado? c) Lives Sandra in Colorado?
44. My friends wrote many letters to us.
a)Do my friends wrote many letters? b) Did my friends write many letters? c) My friends wrote many letters to us?
IV. Choose the correct synonyms to the given words:
45. to sing
a) to murmur b) to whisper c) to chant
46. placard
a) poster b) ticket c) stamp
V. Choose the correct antonyms to the given words:
47. gloomy
a) sad b) depressing c) bright
48. similarly
a) likewise b) differently c) correspondingly
VI. Find the right preposition
49. I’m responsible _____ this factory.
a) of b) on c) for
50. Much depends ___ your making a decision at the right time.
a) on b) at c) from

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