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Task 1 2. Fill in the missing words and word combinations:
Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова и словосочетания:

a) eminent b) the easiest c) electronic d) modern e) role
f) audience g) radio h) ways i) communicate j) secret
To live in the ___1____ world is impossible without expanding your knowledge in all spheres. There are several ___2____ of communicating the world of individuals-mass media, books, travelling, museums, meeting ___3____ people. Of all the existing ways, there are two which are ___4____ , those are mass media and travelling. It’s not a ___5____ the different media are used to ____6_____ news and entertainment. They include print media and ____7____ media. Mass media play an important ___8___ in our life. They are usually defined by encyclopedias as any of the means of communication, such as ___9____, television, newspapers, magazines, etc. that reach and influence a very large ___10___ .

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